Photography, a medium of capturing detail from life's invisible moments       


Visually picturing vague truths and imaginable narrative 


2 Minutes 19 seconds - Venice Fish Market    2008

Somewhere between the movement of film and the frozen stillness of photography, detail emerges. The unnoticed and the unseen.  The very small but necessary actions and interactions  of the everyday.

Portraits in Cannaregio Venice 2008

A collection of portraits representing a cross section of the people and trades of Cannaregio, Venice

The colour aspects of this piece relates to the people and 'the everyday' now, the black and white aspect refers to the recording of such portraits as an act of archive (and a homage to August Sander).

Photography can be a process of looking and capturing snapshots, visual stimulations isolated, caught;

Below is what may be focused in on; it documents a roving eye of a photographer, shooting only on impulse on a compact camera.  It attempts to look at and record photographic actions, and possible editing scenarios.

The images below is Photography employed in documentation

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