The Same but Different

Different but the Same


Funny, I was having a big clear up and I came across these test bits, not even strips, from my 1988 work.  I had kept them for another idea but here they were some 20 years later!  I spread them on the floor in an effort to decide what I should do with them, surely I should now through them out?  But rather I found myself making this arrangement, the words just popped into my head as I photographed my rather quick creation.  Sometimes art can take time, lots of time, but sometimes it just happens! Here I was 20 years down the line still thinking about, and caring about, the same things.  Not a great surprise but this new re-working was a gift to me.

This work has since been disseminated in many ways.  It works because it is simple and direct.  The large banners shown below were in Windows204 on the Gloucester Rd, Bristol for one month.  They have also been up at Glastonbury Festival and St Georges Festival, Bristol.  They are prints and fridge magnets, stickers and postcards.  I do not believe in being precious about where my art is, I am happier if it is as many places as possible and as accessible as possible, both physically and financially.

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